Fantasy Birthday Wishlist

1.  A new camera bag.  So many companies make cute, purse-like bags - now when I'm shooting, I keep my second lens wrapped in a shirt, which I keep in my purse.  I'm thinking that this will definitely lead to it breaking.
2.  A pretty, new, big television.  I have what feels like an ancient 19" that I can't see from my couch.  I want to mount it on the wall and finally get some more use out of my DVR
3.  This chair matches my couch, and if I mount my t.v., there will be so much room for it so that my friends don't have to sit on my dinky kitchen chairs when they visit.
4. An iPad.  Yeah, I like having the newest, latest things - but it's just so pretty and handy.
5.  There are tons of lenses and camera accessories I want, but I'm desperate for a a wide lens, macro lens, a fish, bokeh lens kit...and yeah the list is never-ending (pretty much everything from Photojojo)
6.  My nightstand isn't even tall enough for me to reach anything on it from bed, I only have one, and it's ancient.  If I get one, I finally have a reason to mount my t.v.  That, and I need a surface to put another lamp on due to the very limited light in my room.
7.  A record player.  Something I've wanted for ages.  I also want to steal all my parent's old records because they never use them (but let's be real, I want some big band/American Standard/Jazz to play on it)
8.  A new camera house - mine is almost 5 years old and has about a million exposures.  I need a new one, seeing as my D60 is simply ancient.