Twinkle Lights

my humble abode
Sometimes life is hard, but often times, it's wonderful.  I put up some twinkly lights on my brick wall, and my charming little studio apartment became a bit more magical (but really, a regular lamp is too harsh for these wonderful summer nights).  I bought and assembled a fan today, in hopes that it will help me sleep through the night (it's a source of pride...though I have an extra piece that I somehow didn't use - oops!).  I don't even mind that I've had my windows permanently open for the last week.

I had a quiet, simple evening.  Made myself dinner (salmon poached in white wine, find the recipe here), took some pictures on the rooftop, and enjoyed my time alone.  Life has been incredibly busy lately and it was nice just to savor how ordinary and blessed my life is.  I'm incredibly content with the decision I made to live alone.  It may be a bit more expensive, but the experience is worth so much more to me - learning to be completely independent is something I really needed.  Now I must go to sit back on my couch, with the soft light, and It's Complicated on my tiny t.v.

I hope for you all that you feel just as content as I do in this moment.