Arbitrary Epoch

last night's epic sunset in Fullerton
It shames me to admit that it sometimes takes the heartache of another to put my own gloom into perspective.  Being an over-analyzer that lives alone sometimes builds up inconsequential occurrences into a big deal (mostly because my disappointment in myself knows no boundaries).  I realize that September 26 holds no significance, but I'm using it as the day I actively pursue some goals of mine.  I need to get my act together, y'all:

  1. lose 10 lbs (hopefully before 2013)
  2. start or end my days in prayer (hopefully both)
  3. limit eating out for lunch (I'm finally keeping a strict budget)
  4. stay in touch with my friends better (at least one dinner per work week)
  5. stop stressing out about money and retirement (or as my mother tells me, "relax already!")
  6. learn patience
  7. put others before myself (without being a doormat...which my mother also accuses me of)
  8. stop being so selfish with my family's time (I've been known to get irritated when my parents don't have time for my calls, and when they can't shift their schedule around spending time with me)
  9. trust my gut instead of listening to advice of my friends (I've been trying to change according to what people think I should do/say but I know myself too well for that)
  10. be more than self-aware: make change (I often know when I'm feeling irrationally emotional or how I did wrong, or why I am the way I am - but am too stubborn to fix it)