Home Tiny Home

My home ix extremely tiny - this little studio is only 525 square feet, and I couldn't find it more charming.  After living with roommates and boyfriends, it's lovely to have my own place.  Everything can always be found where I lef it.  I don't find out that I don't have enough milk in the middle of whipping up a recipe.  I never have to fight for the t.v.    No one is annoyed by my singing or gives me a weird look when I dance in my underwear.  I won't lie, I can get mighty lonely sometimes - but now I have Fitzgerald to cure a tiny bit of that.  Here are some bits and pieces of my home lately:

toasting pine nuts for pesto
a banner that reminds me of what's important
the Swedish alphabet near my front door
above my bed
fireplace + brick wall
my new favorite thing: record player
dining area
sugar + flour + herbs
kitchen window