Simple Saturday

For some people, a simple life seems like a death sentence.  I used to yearn and hope for an exciting life, but things have changed.  This isn't to say that I have lost my wanderlust and itch to get outside and do things...but I also feel happy and fulfilled surrounding myself with people I love, who make me laugh, and filling my days with small things: baking, walks in my neighborhood, and talking photos.  This is how I spent today, with a spontaneous visit from my lovely friend Franci.  We gorged ourselves!  It was a quiet and beautiful Saturday and I'm feeling very blessed. (also, isn't my neighborhood lovely?)

 photo marchbaking011new_zpsc2b00374.jpg
I adore the sound of a tea kettle whistling
 photo marchbaking003new_zps8b77d73e.jpg
peanut butter buttercream frosting that will change your life
 photo marchbaking046new_zps9424967b.jpg
quite an appropriate apron for the day
 photo marchbaking001new_zps12a84584.jpg photo marchbaking014new_zpsf2f80239.jpg photo marchbaking017new_zps2bc4c306.jpg
 photo marchbaking005new_zps51dc657b.jpg
 photo marchbaking029new_zpsea469cbe.jpg
peanut butter + honey cupcakes
 photo marchbaking023new_zps4ccea8ae.jpg
 photo marchbaking032new_zps61b4252d.jpg
 photo marchbaking049new_zps8829cc2e.jpg
lobster mac n' cheese + clam chowder

 photo marchbaking059new_zpsf77b3f81.jpg
I adore this cafe, everything is scrumptious 
 photo marchbaking067new_zpsb2f3ba8e.jpg photo marchbaking061new_zps3630a253.jpg <a href= photo marchbaking080new_zps44bdb7c9.jpg photo marchbaking081new_zps77cc14d0.jpg photo marchbaking075new_zps6a519aad.jpg photo marchbaking082new_zpse136fc5b.jpg photo marchbaking092new_zps9e8db868.jpg photo marchbaking094new_zps85e66235.jpg photo marchbaking099new_zps61a30569.jpg photo marchbaking110new_zps2160110f.jpg photo marchbaking115new_zps0d5e20ca.jpg photo marchbaking121new_zpsdfbd8d30.jpg photo marchbaking137new_zps88fe345e.jpg photo marchbaking174new_zpsd489c0e7.jpg photo marchbaking152new_zps28dcb788.jpg photo marchbaking176new_zps2b240436.jpg photo marchbaking193new_zps5f66ca2d.jpg photo marchbaking194new_zpsd46955b4.jpg photo marchbaking231new_zps38244720.jpg photo marchbaking228new_zpscfb23f8b.jpg
 photo marchbaking215new_zpseda16095.jpg
Franci looks tiny under the Levitated Mass!
 photo marchbaking241new_zps28de47df.jpg
The park at the Tar Pits
 photo marchbaking240new_zpsd4312faa.jpg photo marchbaking251new_zps3b401222.jpg photo marchbaking252new_zps7f8c3f33.jpg