Beachy Cream

Lately, I've been very happy and excited about life.  My current friendships are deepening: I've giggled over nonsense in dimly lit bars with my girlfriends, had a permanent pink nose and cheeks from carefree time out in the sun, unburdened my heart by sharing my stories of rejection and personal victories, and felt more connected to my best friends that I ever have.  My dear friend Franci has been quite a big part of my happiness - we've had so many spontaneous adventures over the past few weeks; it's made Los Angeles finally feel like a real home.  We joked today that we are in a "hoe-mance," which I realize sounds completely and utterly lame but we couldn't stop laughing about it.  These are a few snapshots from a trip to Beachy Cream - my new favorite stop for ice cream.  Every flavor is utterly delicious and the shop is ultra cute (I bought her a double scoop to bribe her into apartment hunting with me!).  My tip: the brown butter pecan is a must-try.

Life will never be full of more possibilities than it is now, and I'm thrilled about it.  For someone that likes to be organized and plan everything out - I'm finally letting go and have no anxiety about not knowing where life is going to take me.  It's quite freeing!