Last Friday, Franci and I had a few friends over for some pumpkin carving, beer drinking, appetizer-sharing, and of course: Cards Against Humanity.  I think our pumpkins came out rather well, and it's so nice to finally live in a place big enough to have company over comfortably (and a place where parking isn't a nightmare).  I'm not a huge Halloween fan (notice the lack of decorations?) but I will indulge in a little bit of Hocus Pocus and all the candy and sweets that come along with the holiday...

Julie & Justin
my crooked, hand-drawn Jack o' Lantern face
Franci can't contain her excitement
Charlie & Megan
Franci and I were cleaning pumpkin guts off every surface the next day...
Franci's and my pumpkins
the gang's all here! (except Julie's sweet owl): Alkaline Trio, Jack Skellington, jack o'lantern, harry potter and a funky jack o' lantern