The Great Ocean Road

This brief road trip was incredibly lovely - despite the winds, and a bit of a chill, the coast of Victoria is so incredibly gorgeous.  Loaded up with snacks, we drove windy roads and stopped whenever we fancied (which was basically every single viewing spot, even if they were less than a kilometer apart).  The color of the ocean is so absolutely beautiful and we passed so many beaches that didn't have a single soul on them - it was picturesque.  We stood at one spot or another for ages, watching the waves roll in and saying absolutely nothing at all.

my dear Michael
my odd pose is because I'm bracing myself for a jumping photo, but had to share because it's too funny (photo by Michael Phillips)
kangaroo crossing! (I also spotted signs for koala bear crossing)
sentimental Michael
I look horrid in this photo but I love it because I look so darn happy (photo by Michael Phillips)