Dapper Day

Yesterday, a few of us headed to Disney's California Adventure to celebrate Prestyn's birthday. I made a reservation at the Carthay Circle restaurant (it's nearly impossible to get in unless you've made a reservation a few days in advance), and decided to do it up. The Disney parks were unofficially hosting "Dapper Day" at this time - meaning the majority of people in the park were wearing formal clothes, often from another era entirely. While that sounds like fun, our motley crew considers "dapper" being showered and anything more than that is just too much work. I haven't laughed that hard in ages (my stomach was hurting that evening) and I'm so glad we were able to get together, it felt like it had been such a long time!

p.s. if you like yourself at all, order the fried biscuits if you head to Carthay Circle (two orders, just in case)

Note: I haven't edited any of these photos because for the most part the light was just fantastic

dapper day 009 small
a sparkling mare

dapper day 022 small
Dustin's indecisive face

dapper day 025 small
my delicious Manhattan

dapper day 026 small

dapper day 030 small
"I look great, I don't know what you're talking about" - Becca

dapper day 038 small

dapper day 043 small
Prestyn + Pimm's Punch

dapper day 046 small

dapper day 047 small

dapper day 051 small
the light of my dreams
dapper day 057 small
instagramming (duh)

dapper day 059 small

dapper day 062 small
yes, we go to fancy places and order burgers, as you do

dapper day 063 small
my cavatelli pasta + braised lamb (yum!)

dapper day 078 small
we love each other a lot, clearly

dapper day 088 small
the opposite of dapper (L to R - Prestyn, Dustin, & me)

dapper day 090 small
the lobby of the Hollywood Tower Hotel

dapper day 099 small

dapper day 102
entry to Alice's Mad "T" Party

dapper day 106 small
Carsland in the distance

dapper day 109 small
when we laugh, we laugh hard (in line for California Screamin')

dapper day 129 small
ended the night with ice cream from Clarabelle's