Rancho Los Alamitos

Family and friends of my cousin Ashley gathered yesterday to celebrate her upcoming nuptials with a bridal shower at the Rancho Los Alamitos Historic Ranch and Gardens.  It's rare that all of the women in our family get together in one place at the same time and it was a very beautiful (and slightly silly) day.  The grounds were beautiful and the history of the ranch is very interesting - I would definitely recommend a tour.  I could have taken pictures there all day!

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Cousins! Stephanie, Brynne, Danielle, Ashley, me, Emily
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sister Stephanie + my mom
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the bridesmaids + bride: Danielle, Sabrina, Ryan, Ashely, Jen, me
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Ashley + me
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my Nana, Aunt Michelle, Ashley, Aunt Nicole, and Aunt Debbie
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Nana + Ashley
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sister Stephanie + Ashley
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Ashley + sister Emily
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my Aunt Debbie always knows how to make everyone laugh
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*some of these pictures were taken by Toni, a family friend (if you couldn't guess, it's the ones with me in them)