Last night I went to the Auld Dubliner in Long Beach for trivia with Prestyn
This last weekend, I was in the pool in my parents' backyard, hanging out with my brother, and felt so joyful.  It was a great feeling to be outside enjoying the California sunshine with someone I really love, just giggling and doing nothing.  I felt like I could never imagine being sad again, and everything lately has led me to know and live my life knowing that happiness is a choice.  It does not depend on how far I've reach a goal or how many or few obstacles I've encountered, or where I am.  My own happiness depends on me only, absolutely no one else.  Not what they do or don't do or say to me.  It's a choice I must make, every day, every moment.

Now I know this all seems so basic. Common sense.  However, it's something that can be so easy to forget. I can get bogged down by the little things, especially since I live alone.  I spend so much time in my head, and when you don't talk about things out loud and share the burden, they can feel heavier or more complicated than they actually are...or maybe that's just me.  I'm a bit of an over-analyzer by nature, and have the tendency to take things a bit too personally.  The good thing is that being aware of this makes it easier.

I have no reason to complain about life.  I have a steady job, my health, a family I adore, and a handful of other people in my life who truly care about me.  Everything else just doesn't matter.