Things I'm Good At

beer + trivia with Prestyn = awesome way to spend an evening
  • Leaving my glasses all over the office. Everyday. In my boss' office, my co-worker's desk, on top of the scanner. Everywhere.
  • Laughing the loudest at the movie theater.  Especially in moments where no one else is laughing.
  • Having crushes on inappropriate men.
  • Losing SD cards.  They disappear like socks in the dryer, which sucks when I want to use my camera.
  • Blurting out embarrassing things about myself.  Mostly in front of cute guys that make me nervous.
  • Finding the best greeting card to suit the person who receives it.  Just trust me on this one.  Or ask my mom.
  • Embarrassing my younger siblings by tagging them in pictures they hate.  Oh, I believe this actually applies to everyone in my family (I don't buy it, but it's what I'm told).
  • Listening to a new music album for days or weeks in a row without getting sick of it.
  • Loving people quickly.  Not a romantic love.  When I bring new people into my life, I care about them a heckuva lot right away.  I know it's weird.
  • Sarcasm
  • Cooking pork chops.  I know it's not hard, but it's my go-to meal, and the first real meal I learned how to cook when I was young.
  • Being uncoordinated.  I frequently walk into doorways, trip, fall, stumble, drop things...I'm one of the least graceful and poised people I know (but being the best of the worst is something, I think).