A New Year

my NYE outfit
Maybe I've been unaware in the past, but I feel that there's an unadulterated, raging enthusiasm about the new year, more than in years past.  People are making promises, resolutions, and getting excited about being better versions of themselves.  As I said in the past, I think January 1st is a bit of an arbitrary time to bring change in your life.  Although I can see how it feels natural, I also feel that it serves as an excuse to wait until that certain day to become the person you want to be (I'm far too impatient for that).

I made a few goals for myself in September, which I laid out on this blog.  I'm using the beginning of 2013 to reflect on said goals, and I think it's time to add a few.  Most of the things I set out to change, I have turned around entirely - though a few others are a bit more slow-going.  Instead of putting out strict guidelines for this year, I've decided to make vague resolutions.  I don't want to feel disappointed by deterring from rules I've set out for myself; I find that change made cold turkey is change that doesn't quite stick.  I'm looking to evolve myself at an intuitive pace.  Here goes:

1.  Make time for friends, especially when it feels inconvenient
2.  Continue to make healthy choices without depriving myself from moderate indulgences
3.  Take more pictures
4.  Visit LACMA more
5.  Believe in myself
6.  Read more books, especially classics
7.  Learn to be less high-strung, and to take what comes
8.  Complain less
9.   Slowly eliminate soda and fake sugars
10. Embark on some DIY projects (especially for the home)

A new year, but the same me - and I'm not even a little bit disheartened about it