The Salt Air

Lately, my life has been full of spontaneous and wonderful plans.  I choose "yes" because yes is more fun than no.  I texted my beautiful friend Franci to see if she'd like to get coffee or lunch and go to the beach with me.  We were both tired of the nearest beaches - Venice and Santa Monica.  They are often so dirty or so full of tourists.  I really enjoy the South Bay because it's full of laid-back people, decent bars, and it's always cleaner than Venice.  Both Franci and I are photographers (although she's about 100x more professional than me, as she actually studied photography as her major in college), so it's nice to hang out with someone who understands that I want to stop and take a photo every ten seconds.  We shared a nice lunch after taking a walk on the pier and in the lovely areas around Manhattan Blvd.  It was just so lovely to be outside, getting some color and enjoying Southern California.

 photo manhattanbeach252new_zps4a90e8bd.jpg
 photo manhattanbeach254new_zps840ed721.jpg
 photo manhattanbeach256new_zps8b0bb300.jpg
 photo manhattanbeach266new_zpsb492243e.jpg
 photo manhattanbeach267new_zps03e312d6.jpg
 photo manhattanbeach268new_zpsc85fb311.jpg
 photo manhattanbeach272new_zps5db1ac01.jpg
 photo manhattanbeach276new_zps131744ea.jpg
 photo manhattanbeach281new_zpsf029dca0.jpg
 photo manhattanbeach296new_zpseaf95b28.jpg
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 photo manhattanbeach309new_zpse3297cf5.jpg
 photo manhattanbeach310new_zps431a6e10.jpg
 photo manhattanbeach314new_zpsa64ed9c4.jpg
 photo manhattanbeach318new_zps70fd5b43.jpg
 photo manhattanbeach323new_zpsdc7c60d2.jpg
 photo manhattanbeach333new_zps9fa4e717.jpg
 photo manhattanbeach334new_zpsc60e90e1.jpg
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 photo manhattanbeach346new_zpsce9ed9ce.jpg
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