Bits & Pieces*

this week I made pizza dough for the first time - I was incredibly successful
this photo cracks me up - my mom, just about to laugh (I think she looks quite beautiful) and me, as usual, hating to be the subject of a photo [my little brother took this during a nice meal together]
one of the first photos with my remote, (with my little brother at my side) taken months after I bought it
Fitzgerald is always quite the helper in the kitchen (fresh basil for my pesto sauce for homemade pizza)
I snapped a photo of the" super moon" while picking up sushi for a date at home with my mom last weekend
a gorgeous centerpiece from a graduation party I attended last weekend (cardinal and gold - go Esperanza Aztecs!)

I could live every day in a maxi dress; dinner outside for Father's D

if work needs to get done in the evening, it might as well be done with a glass of wine

my view sunning on Father's day
the light was gorgeous after a work-out last week, just messing around with my camera (trying to get the remote to work, which I couldn't)

A little while ago, I was talking to my mom about a person in my life that was pushing me - pushing me to be free-spirited, to let go of my tendency to remain high-strung, to release my cautious approach to everything.  Her reply? "Good - you're getting old before you're getting old."

I've been working on letting go of my anxiety, and it's definitely a work in progress.  I'm now trying to say "yes" to more things; to try new things and worry less.  It's not easy, but I don't want to become trapped in my fears.   I've seen some of the people I love live a small, lonely life because they are too cautious about their choices; they become isolated and live a predictable existence that isn't filled with enough laughter, warmth, or adventure - all things I want for myself.  I want great memories to keep, regrets from chances taken, and to be a bit more wild.  Youth fades quickly, and I don't want to waste mine.

*Bits & Pieces is something I'm hoping to become somewhat a regular series, to corral all my miscellaneous, forgotten photos/photos of my everyday life