Emily's Senior Photos

Yesterday I took Emily out to snap some photos for her senior pictures - I'm posting a sampling of them here (most others are posted on facebook), taken after we got kicked out of Oak Canyon Nature Reserve for not having a photography permit (seriously?!).  We were running across town, trying to chase the sun - impatiently waiting for people to get out of my shot.  It was so nice after several years to get some photos of this beautiful girl (she has never willingly let me take any in the past).

Bits & Pieces*

this week I made pizza dough for the first time - I was incredibly successful
this photo cracks me up - my mom, just about to laugh (I think she looks quite beautiful) and me, as usual, hating to be the subject of a photo [my little brother took this during a nice meal together]
one of the first photos with my remote, (with my little brother at my side) taken months after I bought it
Fitzgerald is always quite the helper in the kitchen (fresh basil for my pesto sauce for homemade pizza)
I snapped a photo of the" super moon" while picking up sushi for a date at home with my mom last weekend
a gorgeous centerpiece from a graduation party I attended last weekend (cardinal and gold - go Esperanza Aztecs!)

I could live every day in a maxi dress; dinner outside for Father's D

if work needs to get done in the evening, it might as well be done with a glass of wine

my view sunning on Father's day
the light was gorgeous after a work-out last week, just messing around with my camera (trying to get the remote to work, which I couldn't)

A little while ago, I was talking to my mom about a person in my life that was pushing me - pushing me to be free-spirited, to let go of my tendency to remain high-strung, to release my cautious approach to everything.  Her reply? "Good - you're getting old before you're getting old."

I've been working on letting go of my anxiety, and it's definitely a work in progress.  I'm now trying to say "yes" to more things; to try new things and worry less.  It's not easy, but I don't want to become trapped in my fears.   I've seen some of the people I love live a small, lonely life because they are too cautious about their choices; they become isolated and live a predictable existence that isn't filled with enough laughter, warmth, or adventure - all things I want for myself.  I want great memories to keep, regrets from chances taken, and to be a bit more wild.  Youth fades quickly, and I don't want to waste mine.

*Bits & Pieces is something I'm hoping to become somewhat a regular series, to corral all my miscellaneous, forgotten photos/photos of my everyday life

Storcs and Co.

I adore my family.  We definitely do our fair share of fighting and annoying each other, but we all deeply love each other and can make each other laugh like crazy.  Here's some shots over the last couple weekends that made me smile.

my parents are so goofy, it's very sweet
my mom is the cutest
my mom told me this was her favorite shot
that face! Conner is friggin' adorable
the pool feels amazing this time of year
Sammy is a lover
cars are real big with little boys
I love candids of my little brother
a tired Sammy
so mischievous
grandfather + sister Stephanie
Sam was so happy to be with my grandmother
I love the laughter in these shots

Stephanie's Graduation

Yesterday, the first of my little siblings graduated from high school - so of course, the whole lot of us piled up in the car, and sat on uncomfortable bleachers in the hot sun to wait for her ceremony - however, it was well worth it!  We watched the tiny nugget walk out, listened to her solo, and wildly cheered as her name was called.  I'm very happy that I could take part in this special day - it's crazy how fast my little lambs are growing up!  Side note: how gorgeous is the graduate?  Stephanie is headed to CSUF in the Fall, and we couldn't be prouder.