Emily's Senior Photos

Yesterday I took Emily out to snap some photos for her senior pictures - I'm posting a sampling of them here (most others are posted on facebook), taken after we got kicked out of Oak Canyon Nature Reserve for not having a photography permit (seriously?!).  We were running across town, trying to chase the sun - impatiently waiting for people to get out of my shot.  It was so nice after several years to get some photos of this beautiful girl (she has never willingly let me take any in the past).


A few weeks ago, the lovely Lindsay arranged a surprise engagement celebration dinner for my close friends Jamie and Rochelle - although I ran in at the last second (Lindsay stalled for Farrah and me), we made it in time.  It was a sweet evening that I'm so happy I could be a part of.  Not gonna lie, I spontaneously started sobbing when Jamie told me he had plans to propose to Rochelle (he did so in the Grand Canyon).  I've never met people who are so perfectly matched for each other, it's a beautiful thing to witness their love.

I'm disappointed that I barely got any decent pictures because my hand basically had tremors that night and I despise using flash (the restaurant was pretty dark).

 photo misc003new_zps157b9bb4.jpg
 photo misc004new_zpsc39697f7.jpg
 photo misc006new_zps29764c44.jpg
 photo misc007new_zps8d135d4f.jpg
 photo misc008new_zps7e80dbe4.jpg
 photo misc013new_zps5440b3b6.jpg
 photo misc014new_zps79693312.jpg
 photo misc018new_zps9ae689b1.jpg
 photo misc020new_zps3636a5e6.jpg
 photo misc023new_zps9cc4fdc7.jpg
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