I'm happier and less stressed than I've been in months. I've had social engagements with friends every day for the last week - something I have not had time for (or made the time for, rather) in ages. I'm trying to get some routine in my life - waking early so that I can leave work at a decent time and actually have a life outside of the office. For a while my "routine" was to get in bed the second I get home, and fall asleep with the lights and my clothes on (which is also the reason I haven't posted pictures in a very long time).  I've hardly had time or energy to cook for myself and was weeks behind on my favorite television shows. It wasn't a happy existence - although I adore my job, over-committing is never a good thing. I was giving away my most valuable resource: time. Not only was I doing this, but I was giving it to people who didn't value it or appreciate it- something I am making a concerted effort to avoid now. I aim to spend my time with people who can make me laugh, don't mind that I hardly have a filter, and who live their life with an optimistic energy.

a jellyfish - taken at the Aquarium of the Pacific yesterday