Catalina: Part 3 (the end)

Lately, I've been examining my life and myself pretty closely (I don't know why I said 'lately' as I over-analyze on the regular). I've been trying to be in touch with the things that truly make me happy - things I want to do because they make my heart full, they bring me peace, and make me feel like myself.  I'm not quite sure if it's that the weather is warming up, but I want to be outside all the time.  Growing up less than a mile from the beach, having sand between my toes just feels right.

There was a moment, on the boat to Avalon, where my heart swelled with happiness (Prestyn has captured this in an Instagram which exudes joy).  Being on the water, with a friend that I love so was hard to imagine a peace that felt better than that.  Although my trip was short, it was restorative.  It brought things into focus because I wasn't being pulled in a million directions from work and other obligations.  I know what I want - I want to hike, I want to play in the waves at the beach, I want to read, take pictures, eat fabulous meals, and laugh and discuss every part of life with my friends.  I want to be connected to music, I want to write, I want to find balance.

This week and in the upcoming weeks, when I have a hard moment (which seems plentiful these days, life is stress city), I will think back to the beach.  To the Garibaldis in the cove when snorkeling.  To the sea lions playing as I paddle boarded.  To the millions of blues that the ocean and sky provided.  I will see you again in a few weeks, Catalina - and I can't wait!

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Morgan + Kyle
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Morgan wouldn't let go of my hand for the picture, so cute
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our snorkeling spot
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the cross
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taking a boat to my express boat in Avalon
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I want this in my life
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rainbows follow beauty
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photo by Jordan...our goodbye :(
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I like pictures of the USA flag in the breeze, ok?
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a very short visit
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watching the sun lower in the sky was breathtaking
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you're welcome
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a casino turned schmancy movie theater
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Goodbye, Catalina