Catalina: Part 2

Life here is a poem.  You can hardly tell where the ocean meets the sky, everything is such a dazzling color of blue (and it really makes you understand why Catalina's airport is called 'The Airport in the Sky" - high above the clouds, you feel like you're on Mount Olympus).  I was constantly in awe of the fresh air, the gorgeous views, and the endemic wildlife.  I was very sad to leave (so sad in fact that after only being there for a couple hours on Friday, Prestyn and I headed straight to her computer so I could book a later boat on Sunday and spend an additional 7 hours there). Below are more photos from our 10 mile hike and some shenanigans involving the touch tank.

Also - I'm ridiculous and I have ANOTHER post about Catalina to follow this because I took 985 total pictures because I obviously have a problem.

 photo Catalinatrip341new_zpsb7f0c516.jpg
 photo Catalinatrip361new_zps9346e5ee.jpg
every thistle was covered in spider webs and I thought it was weirdly awesome
 photo Catalinatrip364new_zps49b02923.jpg
road leading to the airport
 photo Catalinatrip366new_zpsfc0e7032.jpg
almost there...
 photo Catalinatrip373new_zps7fd42739.jpg
 photo Catalinatrip375new_zps63187ab1.jpg
 photo Catalinatrip376new_zpscd37b779.jpg
 photo Catalinatrip377new_zpsc945cab2.jpg
 photo Catalinatrip379new_zps51e0e6da.jpg
 photo Catalinatrip003_zps4d0281f1.jpg
 photo Catalinatrip395new_zpsd44bbff4.jpg
the squirrels are endemic to the island and HUGE
 photo Catalinatrip398new_zps564e0183.jpg
two of my favorite things: hiking + Hangar 24 orange wheat
 photo Catalinatrip404new_zps28f5f57b.jpg
a super cool tile map of the island
 photo Catalinatrip407new_zps42203f51.jpg
 photo Catalinatrip408new_zpsbdafc806.jpg
Prestyn and her doppelganger
 photo Catalinatrip420new_zps64b23b18.jpg
yes, we just walked up to strangers planes and no one stopped up
 photo Catalinatrip432new_zpsc7cc1ccf.jpg
this succulent is a Live Forever and is endemic to the island
 photo Catalinatrip444new_zps6fb5d218.jpg
I obviously like taking pictures of signs
 photo Catalinatrip445new_zps6ac51def.jpg
this unguarded tractor had the keys in it, I was very tempted...
 photo Catalinatrip484new_zps0ac689f3.jpg
 photo Catalinatrip485new_zps646b31f5.jpg
the sky blends into the ocean
 photo Catalinatrip504new_zps0c501eb2.jpg
 photo Catalinatrip526new_zpscacd0648.jpg
 photo Catalinatrip528new_zpsf94a0514.jpg
a fox! one of the 3 I saw there
 photo Catalinatrip566new_zpsffcc95ef.jpg
Prestyn and the ever adorable Morgan
 photo Catalinatrip555new_zpsde5866fe.jpg
spotting foxes didn't get any less exciting
 photo Catalinatrip585new_zps01933d86.jpg
 photo Catalinatrip587new_zps2be6a54b.jpg
showing Morgan an octopus
 photo Catalinatrip541new_zpsb271a0bb.jpg  photo Catalinatrip543new_zpsa18f63a7.jpg  photo Catalinatrip598new_zps24d0d721.jpg  photo Catalinatrip601new_zpse91fa377.jpg
 photo Catalinatrip613new_zps0a8ace69.jpg
 photo Catalinatrip615new_zpsb377db83.jpg
the cross: a steep hike I hope to make next time
 photo Catalinatrip616new_zps2813540b.jpg
 photo Catalinatrip617new_zps0805c1de.jpg
watching the kids load up on the boat from the dining hall
 photo Catalinatrip643new_zps3bea6335.jpg
the waterfront
 photo Catalinatrip651new_zps3cc4d694.jpg
 photo Catalinatrip673new_zps9701571c.jpg
taking a walk on the pier with Morgan