Catalina: Part 1

This past weekend, I hopped on a very slow boat and visited Catalina Island for the first time to visit my wonderful and close friend Prestyn.  She is the Program Director for a camp there, The Catalina Experience.  It was so lovely to relax, get away from work, and have nothing in particular to do.  We went on a 10 mile hike (up to the airport, where we munched on bison burgers and tacos), snorkeled, paddle boarded, and laid out in the sun and enjoyed each other's company.  We caught up about life and work, talked about fish species from the Pacific Coast and dreamed of future travel adventures.  I'm so lucky to have a friend that accepts me for exactly who I am, and who I can share my nerdy side with. Who else would not bat an eye when I shouted "fox fox fox fox!" (we spotted three on our hike, and I couldn't have been more excited)

 photo catalinatrip017new_zps1b8bd4bc.jpg
a lovely place to lie out
 photo catalinatrip024new_zpsd893701a.jpg
frolicking in the sand
 photo catalinatrip034new_zps5834a7e5.jpg
Prestyn + the pier at White's Landing
 photo Catalinatrip035new_zpsd5f92e46.jpg
 photo Catalinatrip045new_zps2dc3e3a0.jpg
I started out pretty pasty (photo by Prestyn McCord)
 photo Catalinatrip050new_zps796a3963.jpg
quails that are endemic to the island, which I grew quite fond of
 photo Catalinatrip063new_zpsc7628870.jpg
 photo Catalinatrip067new_zps062ddead.jpg
 photo Catalinatrip072new_zps70c84c91.jpg
Apples to Apples
 photo Catalinatrip075new_zps64333bbe.jpg
prayer flags in Prestyn's hooch (worst word ever)
 photo Catalinatrip084new_zps2b12e58c.jpg
I saw three bison while visiting
 photo Catalinatrip087new_zps0b0b1d20.jpg
the beginning of our hike
 photo Catalinatrip092new_zps63c43d5a.jpg
 photo Catalinatrip100new_zps97be15e2.jpg
 photo Catalinatrip107new_zpsd827e64c.jpg
 photo Catalinatrip113new_zpsada1ea2e.jpg
bison spotting
 photo Catalinatrip118new_zps0d858823.jpg
simply had to take a touristy photo with it (photo by Prestyn McCord)
 photo Catalinatrip121new_zps65fb23ee.jpg
funnily enough, this sign pointed to exactly where I saw a bison
 photo Catalinatrip127new_zps336f9150.jpg
 photo Catalinatrip145new_zps9815d27b.jpg
we played a game called Follow the Telephone Poles
 photo Catalinatrip146new_zps01888e31.jpg
low clouds and lovely ridges
 photo Catalinatrip153new_zps8d44bdcb.jpg
another bison
 photo Catalinatrip165new_zps13c69b2d.jpg
a bison rolling around in his wallow
 photo Catalinatrip177new_zps8c0796bd.jpg
Prestyn +her camp in the background
 photo Catalinatrip199new_zps7240d58b.jpg
 photo Catalinatrip200new_zpsdff8b495.jpg
photo by Prestyn McCord
 photo Catalinatrip206new_zpsd52d90d9.jpg
funnel spiders never cease to fascinate me
 photo Catalinatrip209new_zps99c68a0f.jpg
 photo Catalinatrip217new_zps9a943874.jpg
"I'm lichen it!" - Prestyn (the cutest)
 photo Catalinatrip222new_zps3afe4bd3.jpg
bison prints/wallow
 photo Catalinatrip243new_zps2ff3e98b.jpg
 photo Catalinatrip248new_zps5d827616.jpg
 photo Catalinatrip304new_zps15f92b6c.jpg
 photo Catalinatrip308new_zps9acfd54a.jpg
 photo Catalinatrip318new_zps5b12ce98.jpg
we both spent half the hike marveling at the views
 photo Catalinatrip336new_zpsf85431a1.jpg