Zuma Beach

My beautiful friend Farrah drove up to visit me yesterday - after she patiently tagged along with me on my errands for over an hour (which was incredibly nice), we had a late lunch (so please excuse my food baby in these photos, I'm bloated as heck) and decided to drive up to Malibu.  As was to be expected, the traffic was mildly horrendous; but it was definitely worth it.  Honestly, I loved the drive - the cliffs and green hills covered in a dense marine layer reminded me of my favorite spot in San Diego and growing up less than a mile from the shore in Huntington Beach.  We decided on Zuma, and I adored everything about it - I will most certainly be back soon.
 photo malibubeach164newer_zpsf0e1fd0d.jpg
Farrah braving the freezing waters
 photo malibubeach204new_zps5a544b03.jpg
I was super in love with the marine layer
 photo malibubeach253new_zps915815f5.jpg
so many shades of blue
 photo malibubeach167new_zps74540cbe.jpg
 photo malibubeach193new_zps9f546b92.jpg
things I need to work on: my tan + my food belly (photo by Farrah Chini)
 photo malibubeach169new_zpsaeb52c64.jpg
my bestie is gorgeous
 photo malibubeach073new_zps01962549.jpg
the ocean was sparkling and shimmering
 photo malibubeach080new_zps718d368e.jpg
 photo malibubeach197new_zpse77668ad.jpg
 photo malibubeach176new_zps3b4c60c5.jpg
 photo malibubeach189new_zpsfb1f3d3c.jpg
pretty much every picture Farrah took of me was with me caught in mid-laugh
 photo malibubeach246new_zps5ced5559.jpg
the drive home
 photo malibubeach050new_zpsda716225.jpg
 photo malibubeach058new_zps05702689.jpg
 photo malibubeach099new_zpsf5d22a18.jpg
a beach umbrella to mark our spot
 photo malibubeach066new_zpse7b19160.jpg
I adore watching people flying kites
 photo malibubeach080new_zps718d368e.jpg
 photo malibubeach083new_zps28639b07.jpg
 photo malibubeach122new_zps44607db7.jpg
Farrah's got some jumping skills
 photo malibubeach152new_zps4f02a2a2.jpg
I love how short the beach is, water line is so close (photo by Farrah Chini)
 photo malibubeach172new_zpsc312d18e.jpg
 photo malibubeach263new_zps8ace9998.jpg
the sun beginning to set
 photo malibubeach258new_zps0a6e0fd6.jpg
bumper to bumper on the 1 isn't bad with a view of the shore