La Jolla

Our first stop in San Diego this weekend was La Jolla - Farrah and I met up with our friend Megan at one of our college hangouts, The Living Room, on Prospect.  Like the good ol' days, we ordered coffee, dessert, and played a few rounds of cards.  It was so nice to catch up and relax (although the humidity was a bit ridiculous in SD this weekend).  Afterwards, Farrah ran to the car so as not to go past the 2 hour limit, we re-parked, and headed down to the Children's beach.  Only a few seals were around, but the weather and views were beautiful.  It's one of my favorite spots in San Diego besides Sunset Cliffs (which I completely adore), and holds so many memories for me...who doesn't live a bridge that leads to the middle of the ocean?

photo by Farrah Chini