The Dog Beach

June Gloom has really been hanging on in the beginning of July - slightly sticky, humid mornings with enormous cloud cover.  During my visit to San Diego to see Prestyn and Jason, I requested a little trip to the Dog Beach in Ocean Beach.  It had been ages since I've spent a day there, and it brings me great happiness to watch dozens of dogs running about in pure joy.

Holly has a bit of fear when it comes to swimming but she did enjoy the cool water as a respite from the blaring sun, and enjoyed sitting on my stomach as a lookout perch (the silly girl!).

Prestyn & Jason (and Holly!)

This is definitely not my first post at Sunset Cliffs, because it's one of my favorite spots in the world.  In college, I would come here and pretend to study while really watching the surfers and being generally mesmerized by the waves.  The morning that we ventured to this beautiful spot in San Diego's Ocean Beach, it was extremely cloudy but the views were still breath-taking.

I'm glad I was able to (begrudgingly) get a few snaps of this very beautiful couple.  Prestyn and I have been friends since surviving Ms. Durnford's 10th grade English class, and I'm so appreciative to have this gentle, kind, nature-loving gal in my life.

Bareback Brunch

This week, my blog surpassed 10,000 views - thank you my dear friends, you are lovely people.  I may not post on any kind of consistent basis but I'm happy that I can use this place to connect with the people I love who are far away, I'm happy that I get to share my life with you all.

Here's some more photos from my San Diego trip last week with Farrah.  After a very long morning of sleeping in, the group headed out to enjoy brunch at Bareback Grill.  I hadn't been in about a year, and I love the food there (bonus: they charge for mimosas based on the time a day, starting at 50 cents - don't miss out!).  It was nice to take a stroll in the sunshine and have a lazy Sunday, and be able to relax with my best friend.  Once again: it's a bit of a challenge to only shoot with a fixed 50mm, so I was pretty limited.  There's also some random shots from the evening before.

there are a ton of murals and street art in PB, I love it
I have no idea who to credit for this photo, which is slightly creepy (and funny!)
lanterns floating in the night-time

La Jolla

Our first stop in San Diego this weekend was La Jolla - Farrah and I met up with our friend Megan at one of our college hangouts, The Living Room, on Prospect.  Like the good ol' days, we ordered coffee, dessert, and played a few rounds of cards.  It was so nice to catch up and relax (although the humidity was a bit ridiculous in SD this weekend).  Afterwards, Farrah ran to the car so as not to go past the 2 hour limit, we re-parked, and headed down to the Children's beach.  Only a few seals were around, but the weather and views were beautiful.  It's one of my favorite spots in San Diego besides Sunset Cliffs (which I completely adore), and holds so many memories for me...who doesn't live a bridge that leads to the middle of the ocean?

photo by Farrah Chini