Unmarked Trail

Around midnight on Friday night, I was driving home with Kim from an all-things-pumpkin-party (complete with a viewing of Hocus Pocus) and spontaneously decided to call our friend Cat for a Saturday morning hike.  We ended up taking a route that wasn't actually a trail and ended up being very steep, and about halfway through I panicked as I realized I didn't bring my inhaler and couldn't get air to my lungs. Bonus points for the panic and anxiety my friends lived through as I also realized I forgot my epi-pen at home (the bees, they were aplenty).

I especially love these women because they make me laugh to the point of belly ache.  They will loudly sing pop songs of decades past and tolerate my stupid snapchats and they are pretty much the best people ever.

Post-hike we drove to Chinatown and devoured a giant table of dim sum.  I took my camera there as well but my hands were too full and greasy to think about removing it from my backpack.