Ferries and French Markets

I don't have DSLR photos of day 3 because it was spent searching for alligators in the bayou (we managed to sneak a peek of a 13 footer and a wild board).  Afterwards, we loaded up on crawfish etouffee and crab stuffed shrimp and I had my 10th bloody mary of our vacation.  Our evening ended up with dinner on a balcony on Bourbon Street, and dancing to jazz and blues on Frenchmen until the bars closed.

Day 4 dealt us some thunderstorms after a morning in a local coffee shop, but we did enjoy a tour of the old US Mint as well as a repeat trip to the Mint for some educational lectures (what can I say, we're nerds).  Dinner was fried chicken and possibly our first vegetables (which were of course covered in bacon fat).  The day ended with yet another  Frenchmen trip to hit up any of the bars we haven't made it to yet...and made it to Dat Dog at the end of the night.

On our last day, we were positively exhausted but managed to walk several miles throughout the city.  Brunch was amazing, we went to Mothers for some debris, bread pudding, and one last bowl of gumbo.  We hit up the casino, as well as a trip on the ferry for a quick stop in Algiers.  Five days in 60-90% humidity was really getting to us, so we decided to relax for a bit and take in a movie.  After our last plate of oysters and another walk through the French Market, we finally made it back to the Snail House (our Air BnB) to uber back to the airport.