Just a quick post today...
After watching the thunderstorms, I decided I wanted to capture them, however, this is not an easy task.  I stood on the balcony for about an hour, and was only to get one shot (there's a reason for the phrase "fast as lightning"), but still thought I'd like to share
It's kind of weak, and doesn't really show how dramatic it looked, so I'd like to show a clip of it that I took with my flipcam:

you can see it in the last four seconds.
Lester is actually getting used to all of it, and still prefers to sleep outside, even when it's pouring outside.  I actually greatly enjoy the rain because it's so darn humid here.  Everything feels sticky and muggy and gross...humidity was at 89% this morning! (all of this on top of the sun rising at 3:50 joke, so hard to sleep!)

Christian snapped this pic of Lester stretching...I thought it was too cute not to share!