An almost love letter

My dear friend,

I know that you are broken, but I wish you could see that it's not all of who you are. In rare vulnerable moments, I see glimpses of the beautiful, loving person inside with so much to offer the world.

I don't think I can fix you, even if I would like to make it my responsibility. It's something that's got to come from within you. The thing is, it seems like you're stuck in this dark place but nothing is going to be different until you decide it is. You accept this life of disconnect, almost that you aren't deserving of something more. This entrapment you find yourself in is of your own design.

You are more than worthy, you can get back to every good thing you were before and grow into more. Be brave enough to refuse the pain people try to give you. Turn it into fuel, into strength, and break down the walls. Opening yourself up to feel is a scary thing. It brings the potential for hurt, but the hurt makes life real. Opening yourself also allows you the opportunity to receive good and beauty in your life, none of which you could recognize the worth of without the pain.

I know that none of this is my place to tell you. I know there isn't much I know about you and your life (you won't let me), but I care about you. It may not make sense, as is often the case with me, but when I let people into my heart even in the tiniest of ways, I can't help but feel love for them - especially when they don't want me to, especially when it's bad for me.

I'm not aiming to make personal gain from this, and I don't expect anything from you. All I want is for you to feel whole enough to share yourself with the world again because the world could always do with more beauty.

All of my love,