Eagle Rock, Pt. 2

Part 2 of our hike and part 2 of an amazing weekend - I spent the day laughing so much that I had a constant stomach ache from giggle fits.  My friends are ridiculous and awesome and I wish I could record everything they say.  From blasting JT in the car in the way home, to creating a rap for Barney Rubble (The Flintstones), the entire day was so great.  We were lucky to have decent weather, a good breeze...and to not get lost!  I definitely hope to make it out to Topanga State Park again soon.  Also: how friggin' gorgeous is Sarah?!

 photo eaglerock277new_zps91aeeb38.jpg
 photo eaglerock282new_zps804aa38b.jpg
we made it to the top!
 photo eaglerock285new_zpsd75a3367.jpg
gorgeous views from here
 photo eaglerock287new_zpsffb445f6.jpg
 photo eaglerock301new_zpsc7687e7e.jpg
 photo eaglerock306new_zps8fa6e1eb.jpg
 photo eaglerock307new_zps6e59e4a2.jpg
 photo eaglerock318new_zpsa902c850.jpg
Joe pointing out all the graffiti, wish I had gotten more
 photo eaglerock321new_zps5cf977bb.jpg
"I'm a rock, who are you?" - I love this!
 photo eaglerock322new_zps49780e5d.jpg
 photo eaglerock326new_zps052df0ba.jpg
look at that cute smile!
 photo eaglerock331new_zps8882743d.jpg
so gorgeous!
 photo eaglerock336new_zpscb262449.jpg
thank the LAWD someone brought sunscreen
 photo eaglerock342new_zps5a385f1b.jpg
 photo eaglerock352new_zps1da7f89a.jpg
 photo eaglerock355new_zps5c45c86c.jpg
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 photo eaglerock383new_zpsdaa59360.jpg
 photo eaglerock387new_zps38ade75f.jpg
 photo eaglerock393new_zps94971bdf.jpg
 photo eaglerock400new_zpsd12cf6e4.jpg
 photo eaglerock403new_zpsaee0ae53.jpg
 photo eaglerock420new_zps89551035.jpg
 photo eaglerock434new_zpsb3587e4a.jpg
 photo eaglerock436new_zps93a3a2aa.jpg
 photo eaglerock454new_zps3df9161b.jpg
 photo eaglerock461newer_zpse448b3b7.jpg
 photo eaglerock467new_zps8262fe58.jpg
 photo eaglerock469new_zpsa41bedbd.jpg
 photo eaglerock471new_zpsf15e09e5.jpg
 photo eaglerock473new_zps725eaf85.jpg
 photo eaglerock475new_zps353cdec9.jpg
 photo eaglerock485new_zpse4297796.jpg
 photo eaglerock490new_zps3162b727.jpg
 photo eaglerock492new_zps4fa78a0b.jpg
 photo eaglerock497new_zps6bb461d3.jpg
 photo eaglerock503new_zps054f267b.jpg
 photo eaglerock504new_zps4391802e.jpg
 photo eaglerock506new_zpsfb947263.jpg
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 photo eaglerock510new_zps9c8cb76a.jpg
 photo eaglerock511new_zps2b91f4e0.jpg
 photo eaglerock520new_zpsaa85f80e.jpg
 photo eaglerock521new_zps7a30162f.jpg
forced hugs! (photo by Joseph Meyer)
 photo eaglerock523new_zpse949db24.jpg
<3 by="" joseph="" meyer="" photo="" td="">
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 photo eaglerock529new_zps6b207433.jpg
 photo eaglerock542new_zpsd2435ff1.jpg
 photo eaglerock544_zps58f87d9d.jpg

Eagle Rock, Pt. 1

I have no self-restraint when it comes to take pictures.  On my hike yesterday, I took 545, which I managed to whittle down to 93 (hence the two separate posts).  It was just so beautiful!  Topanga State Park is a bit removed (which is why I like it), but if you don't get sick on the miles of twists and turns it takes to get there, it's so worth it!  Sarah, Joe, Angel, and I decided to hike up to Eagle Rock from Trippet Ranch, and once we got there, we did the loop trail.  Surprisingly, I managed to come out of it without a sunburn or great soreness (which both Sarah and I were disappointed about, but I guess it means we're actually somewhat in shape).  The trail is largely without shade so although it wasn't blazing outside, we were still soaked in sweat (I actually went shirtless for the first half, as the breeze felt so dang good).  Also: definitely beware of poison oak and fire ants if you decide to do this hike (fortunately a kind stranger warned us before we started our trek).

 photo eaglerock002new_zpsad9b973d.jpg
 photo eaglerock012new_zpscc369cbb.jpg
 photo eaglerock019new_zpsf3a19ac9.jpg
I told everyone to lean a different way...so they did
 photo eaglerock027new_zps83a61d7e.jpg
 photo eaglerock037new_zps5e80dcf7.jpg
giant beetle
 photo eaglerock049new_zpsa87a2902.jpg
 photo eaglerock063new_zpsdeefd349.jpg
 photo eaglerock068new_zps68a0506f.jpg
 photo eaglerock080new_zps7d3ae281.jpg
 photo eaglerock081new_zps3a3c78a5.jpg
 photo eaglerock082newer_zps6938129d.jpg
ignore how terrible I look, but Sarah is cute! (photo by Joseph Meyer)
 photo eaglerock085new_zpsa6d69321.jpg
 photo eaglerock091new_zpsb6c99e6c.jpg
Joe likes to be weird
 photo eaglerock093new_zps97e128d5.jpg
 photo eaglerock095new_zps16764eea.jpg
 photo eaglerock102new_zps12d155de.jpg
 photo eaglerock118new_zps4bd9eec7.jpg
 photo eaglerock131new_zpse904d7c7.jpg
 photo eaglerock156new_zps6ded058e.jpg
 photo eaglerock173new_zps739f85e5.jpg
whoa, cool flowers bro
 photo eaglerock174new_zpsbad6a425.jpg
 photo eaglerock180new_zpse0c5e1dc.jpg
 photo eaglerock185new_zps3749bdf4.jpg
Angel in an Angels cap
 photo eaglerock194new_zps609eb30b.jpg
 photo eaglerock204new_zps2e61590e.jpg
 photo eaglerock207new_zpsef15a9da.jpg
token pointing photo
 photo eaglerock211new_zpsbe66eaf6.jpg
 photo eaglerock213new_zps75bfd41e.jpg
 photo eaglerock215new_zps186d1393.jpg
sexy back sweat
 photo eaglerock216new_zps79aa5a92.jpg
 photo eaglerock230new_zps8fcaca09.jpg
Eagle Rock!
 photo eaglerock233new_zpse1ee62f6.jpg
 photo eaglerock235new_zps0132c529.jpg
 photo eaglerock238new_zps16e2a825.jpg
 photo eaglerock246new_zps83250b22.jpg
 photo eaglerock250new_zpsdfa4b8e3.jpg
 photo eaglerock251new_zps3c747d07.jpg
horse crap all over the trail
 photo eaglerock258new_zpsa69cc955.jpg
 photo eaglerock264new_zps0f6cc9cb.jpg
 photo eaglerock274new_zps3626eb4f.jpg
 photo eaglerock276new_zpsadfd93ca.jpg