Eagle Rock, Pt. 2

Part 2 of our hike and part 2 of an amazing weekend - I spent the day laughing so much that I had a constant stomach ache from giggle fits.  My friends are ridiculous and awesome and I wish I could record everything they say.  From blasting JT in the car in the way home, to creating a rap for Barney Rubble (The Flintstones), the entire day was so great.  We were lucky to have decent weather, a good breeze...and to not get lost!  I definitely hope to make it out to Topanga State Park again soon.  Also: how friggin' gorgeous is Sarah?!

 photo eaglerock277new_zps91aeeb38.jpg
 photo eaglerock282new_zps804aa38b.jpg
we made it to the top!
 photo eaglerock285new_zpsd75a3367.jpg
gorgeous views from here
 photo eaglerock287new_zpsffb445f6.jpg
 photo eaglerock301new_zpsc7687e7e.jpg
 photo eaglerock306new_zps8fa6e1eb.jpg
 photo eaglerock307new_zps6e59e4a2.jpg
 photo eaglerock318new_zpsa902c850.jpg
Joe pointing out all the graffiti, wish I had gotten more
 photo eaglerock321new_zps5cf977bb.jpg
"I'm a rock, who are you?" - I love this!
 photo eaglerock322new_zps49780e5d.jpg
 photo eaglerock326new_zps052df0ba.jpg
look at that cute smile!
 photo eaglerock331new_zps8882743d.jpg
so gorgeous!
 photo eaglerock336new_zpscb262449.jpg
thank the LAWD someone brought sunscreen
 photo eaglerock342new_zps5a385f1b.jpg
 photo eaglerock352new_zps1da7f89a.jpg
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 photo eaglerock358new_zpsf406710f.jpg
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 photo eaglerock383new_zpsdaa59360.jpg
 photo eaglerock387new_zps38ade75f.jpg
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 photo eaglerock403new_zpsaee0ae53.jpg
 photo eaglerock420new_zps89551035.jpg
 photo eaglerock434new_zpsb3587e4a.jpg
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 photo eaglerock454new_zps3df9161b.jpg
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 photo eaglerock467new_zps8262fe58.jpg
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 photo eaglerock485new_zpse4297796.jpg
 photo eaglerock490new_zps3162b727.jpg
 photo eaglerock492new_zps4fa78a0b.jpg
 photo eaglerock497new_zps6bb461d3.jpg
 photo eaglerock503new_zps054f267b.jpg
 photo eaglerock504new_zps4391802e.jpg
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 photo eaglerock510new_zps9c8cb76a.jpg
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 photo eaglerock520new_zpsaa85f80e.jpg
 photo eaglerock521new_zps7a30162f.jpg
forced hugs! (photo by Joseph Meyer)
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<3 by="" joseph="" meyer="" photo="" td="">
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 photo eaglerock529new_zps6b207433.jpg
 photo eaglerock542new_zpsd2435ff1.jpg
 photo eaglerock544_zps58f87d9d.jpg